FX Academy Offers Forex Education to All

FX Academy Offers Forex Education to All

Education is the key to gainful investing. No matter how much we think that trading stocks, bonds, currencies or any other investment vehicle is simply a matter of luck and is really only a gamble, studies have shown that proper instruction can make the difference between a profit and loss in almost all financial markets.
The originators at FX Academy heard the grumblings for a need to offer good online instruction and over the last year has developed an exclusive program on Forex trading and has made it available for free to all interested parties.

FX Academy has Unique Features

There are many online Forex courses available today but FX Academy has some unique features that make it stand out in a class all its own. There are 9 different courses and a total of 34 lessons. Each lesson comes compete with an animated video, accompanying text, additional suggested reading to supplement the text and a short quiz that will show the student the extent of his understanding of the lesson.
The lessons are given by a group of experienced Forex traders at Daily Forex, which is the company behind FX Academy. And they are available for questions and concerns by registered students 24/7. The recently introduced Forum at FX Academy invites students to discuss the lessons and other topics with other students as well as with the FX Academy staff. Like all other forums that are available today, the give and take of a forum provides students with an additional outlet for understanding how Forex is trading and how to profit from the currency markets.
FX Academy stays in touch with its students on a constant basis via emails, notifications and alerts which give the student a feeling of taking part in a live classroom setting.

34 Lessons

The first group of lessons is geared towards the novice trader who comes to the program with very little knowledge of what Forex is and how to trade it. By the time he/she is finished with the 6 lessons in this course, a firm basis of information has been acquired and he/she can move on to more advanced lessons.
Forex traders with some experience can skip over the elementary classes and go straight on to the next course. In fact, one of the interesting features of this program is the ability to move amidst the different lessons in any order. Students can review a lesson more than once, return to any or all sections of a lesson and can move along at whatever pace they feel comfortable with.
Let’s look at one of the lessons that follow the introductory course, Applying S/R and Candlesticks. This course focuses on the use of Forex charts and the need to know how to read and interpret charts such as Japanese candlestick charts in order to understand price behavior. In addition to the explanations, one lesson is devoted to a full demonstration of candlestick analysis and another lesson is an actual application of a real historical EUR/USD candlestick chart.
The aim at FX Academy is to educate traders so they can profit in Forex trading. With more and more students signing up each day, their goal should soon be realized.