Computerised Sports Betting Has Similarities to Futures Trading

Sports Betting Software and Forex Trading

Is Forex trading gambiling? Some would say yes it is and many of us say not especially if we understand that the markets of anything perform in ways that can be measured and tracked and can also be predicted. Is it the same with betting on the outcomes of sporting events?

In the big scheme of things isnt the international sporting event arena a great big market that over time performs to the same or similar set of rules as any other market?

Many of us are sports fanatics. We have our favourite teams and players and we go to extraordinary leangths to watch the big games and sporting events. Have you ever considered the possibility that you could apply a computerised system of predicting outcomes of sports events using similar principals to Forex?

One interesting fact is that both industries claim a very similar success rate if you follow the rules. That is, it is reasonable to expect an 85% win rate over time.

Sports Betting and Forex are Simply Pure Mathematics Dear Watson!

We have taken a look at one of the more successful and most popular on line sports betting systems and much to our surprise there are similarities which may appeal to any person involved in forex trading. What made us initially take notice was the claimed 85% success rate. If this is true then it could be possible to make a very profitable existance by playing in a market that suited our interests, being sport.

What is also interesting is that just about all international sports codes are available to betting through the on-line computerised systems. Becuase most sports are seasonal to some extent it may be assumed that sports betting would only be available at certain times of the year. While it is true that in many countries there are sporting codes that are seasonal, the international nature of everything ensures that year round, there is always at least one sporting code available for the best on line betting.

Sports betting systems utilise a “sports betting robot” which is like a bot or crawler that harvests up to the minute information about international sporting results which feeds the computerised algorithms of the betting system allowing the betting software to do its thing and spit our the probabilities that pave the way for profitable trades, I mean profitable bets. . The proponents of computerised betting system are emphatic it is as profitable as FOREX!

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